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Taking this supplement provides a constant flow of healthy eye nutrients. On sunny vacations, or days where you simply had too much going on to go through your night routine, the Mojo product works to counteract the damage to your eyes. 

Historical figures are often abstract to us—most seem to live dusty textbooks and tell us few things which could really impact our lives. When it comes to eye health, however, this is not the case for Claude Monet, who started the Impressionist Art movement focusing on the highly visual interactions between light and color.

Of 1,000 people tested, those who had dry eye “found it harder to perform simple tasks of daily life, such as using the computer and getting dressed.” Other patients reported higher rates of depression and anxiety.

Nearly half of the United States Population has diabetes or pre-diabetes.[1]  As you age, the possibility gets more likely and puts you at an even higher risk of getting the disease. 

In addition to the damage diabetes does to your body, including heart disease, kidney malfunction, and damaged nerves, it can trigger an eye disorder which is a leading cause of blindness

Your eyes are a reliable window into your health; probably the most important of your senses. Though eye health and general health go hand-in-hand, some key nutrients can work to maintain eye functions, protect against intense light, and minimize the development of age-related eye diseases. This article will describe what these nutrients are and where they can be found.

Macular Degeneration (AMD) is an eye disease of your retina which can lead to blurred eyesight, or even a loss of vision.  This disease should scare anyone moving into their later years of life

Of 2,068 individuals who underwent a cataracts surgery, researchers found that overall rates of cognitive decline slowed by 50%. 

Of over 3,877 people tested with eye diseases, nearly 792 were found to have symptoms of dementia!  Scientists drew this connection because of your blood vessels. The tiny vessels in your eye mirror the vessels of your brain

Avoiding dry eye with an overall eye health strategy has never been more crucial—it is a battle worth fighting. The new connection to migraines proves the consequences are further reaching than we even thought.

Taking Advanced Health Support supplements is the best way to boost your healthy lifestyle and add flexibility while you do. They will help free up time, so that you can continue to appreciate the things which truly matter.