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Natural Blood Support Ingredients

When it comes to our health most people automatically think of a healthy heart and not getting cancer. 


Yes, those are two very important things, but what we don’t think about is all the other organs and systems that are carrying out thousands of different reactions every single day so our heart can be healthy.  So, our body can fight off the growth of cancer cells. 


Our blood is the mechanism that transports all the different nutrients, enzymes and compounds to the different areas of our body so that they can do their job and we can be healthy.


Having a healthy blood stream is important for all the different parts in our body to function properly.


To have that healthy blood we need to make sure we are providing our body with sufficient nutrients that will help clean the blood and provide benefits to our heart, blood vessels and cells. 


Here are a few natural nutrients that help cleanse the blood and provide us with less risk for blood pressure issues and heart disease. 


The first nutrient is Magnesium: 


Magnesium helps with the regulation of hundreds of body systems which include blood pressure, blood sugar levels and also muscle function.  We need magnesium for the production of energy and also the development of strong bones. 


Magnesium helps to relax blood vessels thereby helping to lower blood pressure.  It helps to also transport other nutrients such as calcium and potassium. 


If you are looking to increase your magnesium intake you can find good sources of it in bananas, avocados, kale, nuts and seeds.  Black beans and chickpease are also good sources of magnesium. 


An excellent second natural ingredient that can help to maintain normal-range blood pressure levels is an ingredient called Jiagulan.  This is a form of Ginseng.  The active ingredients are the potent antioxidants which help to prevent cell damage, strengthen blood vessels, relax blood vessels and promote optimal blood flow. 

Blood Support


It also helps to provide blood flow to the peripheral arteries and helps to maintain normal blood viscosity.


This nutrient goes after many of the underlying causes of higher blood pressure to provide effective support. 


A study was conducted on 223 patients and they were divided into three groups.  One group was just normal Ginseng.  The 2nd group was Jiagulan (special type of Ginseng) and the last group took the blood pressure medication Indapamide.  The researchers discovered that Jiagulan was rated 82% effective for regulating blood pressure compared to 93% for the blood pressure medication Indapamide. 


This special herb appears to be effective at producting significant results in healthy blood pressure.


A third nutrient for healthy blood support is alpha-lipoic acid. 


According to a recently released review of experimental studies it has been shown to help relieve multiple components of metabolic syndrome which is a compilation of risk factors that can often lead to Type-2 diabetes.  The review revealed that it can reduce blood pressure as well as insulin resistance.  It also helps to reduce bodyweight and improve a person’s lipid profile. 


Another recent study showed that when lipoic acid was combind with acetyl-L-carnitine it reduced blood pressure and improved endothelial function of the brachial artery.  This nutrient combination may be an effective plan for supporting healthy blood pressure levels.


The final nutrient I am going to share with you is Selenium. 


Selenium is effective for helping reduce the risk of strokes, hardening of the arteries and other health issues related to the heart and blood vessels.


Selenium is important because it works to make many of the bodies processes work correctly. 


Now if you already have heart disease Selenium isn’t as likely to reduce the risk, but it may help prevent the disease from getting worse


Some good sources of Selenium are brazil nuts, fish, beef, turkey and chicken. 



Now you could research all the different foods that you will need to eat to consume these nutrients on a daily basis.  The problem is that it is unlikely that you will actually consume enough of the foods consistently to consume a sufficient amount of these blood supporting nutrients.  You also are going to have to go out and buy Jiagulan because you won’t find that in a food since it is an herb. 


After I give my patients these recommendations and tell them which foods they should eat the response from them is always the same.  “Dr. Mong I am probably not going to eat all those foods.  I also don’t want to be confined to my kitchen always wondering if I am eating the right foods.  Can’t I just take a pill?”


Yes, you can take a pill, but I always advise them that a supplement is designed to supplement what they are doing through food.  So, do the best you can through food without making yourself crazy and then supplement these nutrients to make up for any deficiencies. 


To make it easy for my patients I did the research and put together a formula that includes nutrients that support a healthy blood system. 


You can check out what I have developed so that my patients can live a healthy life and not be a prisoner to their kitchen. 


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