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How To Start Treating Dry Eye and Improve Your Quality of Life Today

Recently, doctors conducted and 11-Minute magnetic neurostimulation to reduce corneal staining of the eyes in 15 patients. As it proved to be a safe treatment, patients with dry eye also reported a significant increase in their quality of life.

These treatments, however, are in their Beta phase—and will not be available on the market for some time. This does not mean that the near term does provide ways for you to reduce the impact dry eye has on your quality of life.

Dry eye, a disease in which your eyes fail to lubricate with proper nutrients, will directly diminish your life quality. It will manifest itself in many painful ways.

  • Blurred Vision
  • A Burning Sensation in the Eyes
  • Eye Dehydration
  • The Grainy Sensation that Something is in Your Eye
  • General Redness and Eye Discomfort from Trifling Environmental Factors
  • Itchy Eyes You Cannot Stop Rubbing

The doctors were right: how you decide to treat dry eye will directly correlate to your overall quality of life. One recent study published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology indicated that, of the 1,000 people tested, those who had dry eye “found it harder to perform simple tasks of daily life, such as using the computer and getting dressed.”[1]

These same patients also reported higher rates of depression and anxiety. A constant pain and itching sensation in your eyes proves a difficult hurdle to overcome if you want to enjoy the company of others. Patients with dry eye find it was more difficult to maintain fulfilling relationships, a crucial element to your life as you move into your later years.

The verdict is in. Addressing dry eye is essential to your quality of life, and unless you become a patient in a cutting-edge treatment trial, it is important to count out your options and implement an eye health strategy in your own life.

Here are 3 things you can do today that will help move dry eye to periphery of life’s problems.

  1. Develop a Strategy for Your Eyes When You Go Outside

Many conditions outdoors will serve as a catalyst to dry eye—excess wind, sun, or dust in the air is all it takes to ruin a good day and turn it into a painful experience for your eyes. But although the weather is not something you can control, you can buy several pairs of wrap around glasses, keeping them in each of your cars, your purse, or a carry-along bag. It is important to arm yourself for an event in which your eyes will need protection. Establishing this is the best way to overcome the conditions which will spur on a dry eye reaction.

Just as you double up on outdoor sunglasses for eye protection, so too should you buy artificial tears, which quickly can replenish your eyes in a matter of seconds. The thickness of artificial tears may vary—so talk to an eye health professional to see which level of viscosity will fulfill the needs of your dry eyes and carry bottles with you when you venture into the great outdoors.

  1. Develop a Strategy for Your Eyes When You Are Inside

While many think “outdoor conditions” when they think about dry eye—sun and wind—there are many indoor strategies you can implement that will nourish your eyes around the house. You can:

  • Place A humidifier Around Your Home, In Each Room
  • Replace the Air Filters Around Your House to Capture More Dust
  • Wear Blue Screen Glasses to Protect Your Eyes at the Computer
  • Place your computer or iPhone Beneath Your Eye Level to Limit Blue Light


  1. Think about Your Diet in Terms of Your Eye Health

Dietary health becomes very important as you age, and your eye health is no exception to this rule. It is important to include eye vitamins in your daily meal regimen.

At Mojo Insight we have developed many recipes for your eye health, which can be found here. And fortunately, a healthy eye diet will work as tide to life all boats. By nourishing your body with Vitamin A, Zinc, and other eye minerals, you are improving your blood flow, energy levels, and your overall bodily health

  1. Find an Eye Health Supplement which will Sustain Your Eye Health on the “Off-Days”

A crucial eye vitamin for Dry Eye is NAC, or N-acetyl-cysteine. NAC increases Glutathione levels, a natural chemical which works against eye oxidation. NAC can detoxify your eyes from unhealthy or unnatural chemicals. Low Glutathione levels also associate with nearly every other eye disease.

Anti-Oxidants like NAC are present in Mojo Insight, an ophthalmic solution which works to supplement your eye

Taking a daily supplement like Mojo ensures that you are nourishing your eyes every day, even on the times where you may cheat on your diet or have to spend an excessive amount of time outside in windy conditions. A thorough eye supplement will be a constant protector in a busy world of ever-changing conditions.

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[1] https://www.aao.org/eye-health/news/dry-eye-can-affect-more-than-eye