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Could Turmeric Be a Way to Help Treat Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is America’s common affliction. Nearly half of American’s could have the disease or could be on the way to developing it.


While the disease can often lead to numbness throughout your body, increased urination, or excessive fatigue—a more serious manifestation of the disease begins with blurry vision and may even lead to blindness.

It is called diabetic retinopathy.  And yes, it is that serious, because it is irreversible, there is no going back from when the disease begins to escalate and manifest.

Diabetic retinopathy occurs from the repeated increase of sugar levels in your blood, eventually causing irreparable damage to the blood vessels of your eye. Millions of capillaries then emerge to salvage the damage, which only worsens the condition--leading to mass inflammation throughout your eye. This buildup of pressure on your eye vessels is what leads to blurred vision, and eventually blindness.

Fortunately, there is a health strategy for diabetes which fits into reducing inflammation of your eyes. And it does not even originate in the United States! I’m talking about turmeric, a wonder spice whose health benefits we are continuing to discover.

The most active ingredient in turmeric—and the source of all its power—is curcumin. It is known as both an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory chemical. It works like this. Much of the damage to your blood comes from free radical cells, which are unstable cells that steal electrons from stable cells, multiplying damage and increasing oxidation in your blood.

Much free radical damage can simply be avoided by cutting out fried foods, excessive alcohol, avoiding certain pesticides, or eliminating smoking from your life. 

But isn’t it good to know there is a way to be actively fortifying your body against free radical damage? This is where turmeric comes in… 

Curcumin fortifies the telomeres of your cells, which is the lid of your cell’s DNA that prevents your cell chromosomes from deteriorating. A strong and healthy telomere means fewer free radicals; this ensures less oxidation in your blood.

Oxidation and inflammation are closely tied to one another, so by addressing the source of oxidation with turmeric, you could be helping fight off inflammation in your body.[1] When your blood oxidizes, it can trigger an inflammatory response throughout your body. Inflammation is therefore often an outgrowth of oxidation, with symptoms like redness, swelling, foggy vision, irritability, and even depression. 

In fact, some researchers will say that inflammation can underlie nearly every disease![2] This includes heart disease, strokes, arthritis, even cancer!

The power of curcumin is not simply a “placebo” effect. 

Extensive studies have been conducted on the effects of curcumin on diabetes. In one trial, 240 patients with pre-diabetes were given either a placebo or a curcumin supplement.[3] Of those with the placebo, 16.4% progressed in their diabetes, while 0% of those with the capsule progressed in their diabetes!

There is something active in curcumin that is working far beyond the “hype” we ascribe to it. But what if I told you that you were missing out on all the health benefits of curcumin? That there was a way that you could activate the effects of turmeric’s powerful ingredients by 200-fold?

You probably wouldn’t believe me—but scientists have found a way, and we have implemented it into Mojo Insight Advanced Inflammation Support, which is a leading turmeric supplement on the market today. 

The way to empower the many benefits of turmeric comes from the fact that the curcumin has difficulty dissolving in water, which means it will struggle to fully integrate and improve your blood cells and conduct the repairs needed to prevent oxidation in your blood. 

The key ingredient to ensure full integration is Bioperine Pepper Extract, which according to researchers at St. John’s University, improved the benefits of curcumin by 2000%!

This is why we include Bioperine Pepper Extract in our supplement: to heighten the benefits of turmeric and ensure you are doing all you can to activate the chemical when you take your daily capsule. And, while Advanced Inflammation Support is at a near $65.00 value, it is currently available for a limited time at $39.95. 

Learn more about how you can reduce inflammation in your body with turmeric and help offset diabetes and diabetic retinopathy in your life!


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